Asian Cuisine

Welcome the Far East to your special event. Treat your guests to the flavors of China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand. Accept an invitation to culinary adventure with your personal chef's fusion of Asian inspired cuisine.


Keep in mind - some dishes are spicy so please tells us your preferred heat level: hot, mild or zero.


Also, please let us know of any any dietary restrictions or allergies to shellfish, peanuts, soy, gluten or dairy.




Chicken Meatballs - Asian inspired chicken meatballs served with a mild peach chutney


Satay Ayam - Chicken Satay with mild peanut sauce


Satay Babi with Sambal Kecap - Pork Satay with chile and soy sauce


Ebi Mayo - Japanese style fried shrimp tossed in a sweet and spicy mayo


Ma Hor - Thai pork lettuce tacos topped with peanuts


Pot Stickers -  Chinese dumplings filled with meat and/or vegetables served with ginger and soy dipping sauce




Thai Curry Chicken or Tofu - a mild stew of chicken or tofu cooked in an aromatic coconut milk, onions and peppers


Emerald Shrimp - seared shrimps seasoned with a scampi style Asian pesto


Mapo Doufu - provincial Sichuan style tofu with pork stew


Bulgogi - Korean “Fire Meat.” There’s no heat in this dish only thinly sliced beef or pork in a delicious sauce


Teriyaki Salmon or Snapper - fresh fish fillet cooked in banana leaves


Vegetable Lo Mein - classic noodle dish from China



Jasmine Rice or Vegetable Fried Rice


Stir-Fried Bok Choy


Sautéed Green Beans


Mixed Asian Vegetables Medley


Stir Fried Rice Noodles



Pineapple Wonton and Coconut Ice Cream



Mango Mousse



Coconut Rice Pudding


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