European Cuisine

No culinary adventure is complete without a stopover in Europe. European is home to many of the world's greatest cities including London, Paris, and Vienna. 


Treat your guests to a delcious to an elegant menu that includes one of the appetizers, entrees, side items and desserts below. 


If there is dish from Europe that you'd like to enjoy at your special event, but you don't see it here, ask your personal chef to customize your menu.


We are also happy to create menus based on special diets or allergies. We can also include vegetarian options for you and your guests.



Tapenade Crostini - A delicacy of provincial France. Olive and caper salsa serve on toasted baguette slices


Beef Wellington – A British favorite made of tender beef wrapped in a savory puff pastry.



Chicken Schnitzel – Austria’s classic breaded and pan fried chicken cutlet with freshly squeezed lemon


Crab Soufflé – A light and fluffy delight made with eggs and crab meat


Boeuf Bourguignon – Tender beef stewed in red wine and pearled onions


Ratatouille – A colorful blend of vegetables including zucchini, eggplant and red bell peppers.



Hasselback Potatoes - Sweden’s accordion-like baked potatoes topped with herbs


Braised Red Cabbage - Tender sweet and sour red cabbage a recipe from Germany and Austria my vegetarian recipe


Haricot Verts Sautés au Beurre de Citron - Sauteed green beans tossed in lemon butter sauce



Dark Chocolate Mousse - Airy chocolate topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings garnished with fresh berries


Poached Almond Pear - A pear poached in fermented red grapes served with vanilla ice cream topped with almond whipped cream and pistachios

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