What's the Difference Between a Personal Chef and a Private Chef?

September 30, 2015

I am often asked whether I provide private chef or personal chef services in Atlanta. My answer is usually "Yes!"


The two culinary roles are very similar but not exactly synonymous.


A personal chef will prepare a meal in your home for you and the guests attending your special occasion. Special occasions in Atlanta run the gamut from casual gatherings to office parties to graduation celebrations; from romantic dinner dates to wedding rehearsal dinners to anniversary celebrations.


In my role as a personal chef at Banderas, I work with clients to create personalized dining experiences for up to 12 guests. I also caters buffet-style meals for up to 50 guests. My work as a personal chef in Atlanta allows me to take an inventive approach to international cuisine. During a consultation, I work with clients to identify where they're tastebuds want to go. I love being able to transport clients and their guests to exotic locales around the world via tantalizingly delicious food. No matter what kind of food they are craving - Asian, Latino, Italian, American, European, etc. - I infuse bold flavors into my dishes for my clients and their guests to enjoy.


A private chef works exclusively for you and your family. They may or may not live on the premises. If they live off the premises, a private chef may prepare your meals while on site in your home and leaves them in your refrigerator for your use during the week. Many busy people in Atlanta like this option because they don't have a lot of time to cook during the week and they still want to enjoy healthy and delicious eating.


Some people will hire a private chef in Atlanta to cook meals for them because they have a special diet. This may be because they are trying to eat healthy or follow a specific dietary regimen such as paleo. Some are vegetarian or vegan. Others have medical conditions such as allergies to fish, nuts or gluten. Many families also like the private chef option because they have large families with small children or picky eaters. A private chef can prepare meals to many individual tastes while still keeping food cost manageable.


I often receive calls from people asking if I will work as a private chef for them. I am always available for a consultation. This helps both me and the person making the inquiry find out whether we're a good fit for each other based on their culinary needs. If we agree it’s  a good match, then we discuss menu planning and work out scheduling



Whether I am creating personalized dining experiences as a personal chef, private chef or caterer, shopping for the highest quality ingredients is a must. I only shop at the best food stores in metropolitan Atlanta in order to provide my clients with the freshest ingredients and most robust flavors.


So, while hiring a personal chef and a private chef are a bit different from each other they both should lead to the same result - delicious, satisfying meals enjoyed with friends, colleagues and family.


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